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Physical Therapists in Mt. Prospect

We started our physical therapy center in April of 2000 with a mission of providing quality physical therapy to residents of Mount Prospect, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Elk Grove and surrounding communities.

Our skilled and experienced physical therapists take pride in helping patients avoid the expense and pain of surgery and reduce their need for long-term prescription medication use as they heal and rehabilitate after injuries or conditions

Our distinctive service approach is evident from a patient’s first visit to our clinic. We provide customized, one-on-one care focused initially on helping to reduce pain and inflammation quickly and safely. Then we start the healing process and restoration of their normal level of activity. In some cases, our focus is to help patients successfully manage chronic conditions.

The long-term benefits of spending time receiving evidence-based care from our physical therapists in Mount Prospect include less pain or no pain, more mobility and as a result, an enhanced quality of life.

We place focused emphasis on continuing education to ensure that our patients know what they can do at home or through their fitness programs to continue to strengthen their bodies and prevent recurring injuries.

In keeping with that philosophy of care, we make health and fitness recommendations for the long-term progression of our patient’s recovery to ensure that they are able to engage fully in your life.

A Physical Therapist-Owned Clinic in Mt. Prospect 

We offer a unique physical therapy experience that is different from hospital and corporate chain settings.  As a physical therapist owned clinic, we answer to our patients only.  We set oursevles apart by taking the time for one-on-one care and by getting to know you and your unique circumstances. Our physical therapists hold advanced degrees and are certified to provide the latest evidence-based treatments to help you restore your normal living style as quickly as possible. We focus on the expertise and training of our physical therapists in Mount Prospect to ensure that we can deliver the optimum quality of care to our patients.  All of our physical therapists have advanced degrees from accredited physical therapist programs and are board certified in orthopedics. This is why we are considered one of the top physical therapy centers in Mt. Prospect.

This specialized education ensures that our physical therapists can work with patients to effectively ease pain, restore mobility and improve the overall quality of life.  To augment their expertise, we ensure continuing education remains a priority for our team of physical therapists working with residents of Mount Prospect and nearby communities.

Our staff members are continually upgrading their skills, staying aware of the latest evidence-based research, and continuing their training and certifications.  We are committed to working to improve the lives of patients in Mount Prospect and nearby communities. The impact we can make on our patients and the quality of their lives is what fuels our work and ignites our professionalism.

We are conscious of the ever-developing science of healing and the impact of new technology in the delivery of physical therapy and we stay on top of new developments in our field. That translates to top-level evidence-based care for our patients.

When the underlying cause of your problem has been discovered and assessed, and your program of therapy successfully delivered, we still do not believe that our work is done. We want to ensure that there is not a recurrence of your injuries or condition and we take steps to ensure your long-term wellness.  This frequently takes the form of prescribed therapeutic exercises that our patients can continue at home to continue their rehabilitation.

All of our physical therapists have extensive experience working in a variety of outpatient settings as well as inpatient rehabilitation facilities, occupational environments and fitness centers.

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