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Why Choose Us

Emery Physical Therapy is a private practice orthopedic rehabilitation practice in Mount Prospect.  We exist to help our patients, friends, family, and neighbors  improve their quality of life through movement and elimination of pain with the use of skilled, hands-on, personalized treatment.


We are not a Big Chain Clinic - That's a good thing

We offer a unique recovery experience different from hospital and corporate chain settings.  We do this by taking the time for one-on-one care and by getting to know you and your unique circumstances. Our physical therapists hold advanced degrees and are certified to provide the latest evidence-based treatments to help you restore your normal living style as quickly as possible.


We work with you directly to achieve your goals

We believe that your rehab is a partnership, and you're the most important partner. We will evaluate and assess the root cause of your problem  and develop a personalized treatment plan to help you return to what you love. You will be treated in a private setting where your needs come first.  We will work with you to help achieve your goals.


We are in the top 1% of therapists that have 30+ years of experience and the top certifications.

Our physical therapists bring over 33 years of experience to the Mount Prospect physical therapy center and provide cutting edge treatment options to ensure your quick recovery.  We have extensive experience and expertise in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.


Therapy is a commitment and getting in and out should be the easy part.

We are located off I-90 and Elmhurst Road and are uniquely situated to service most of the the NW Suburbs.  Our mission is to  help patients in the Mt. Prospect, Des Plaines, and neighboring communities avoid the difficulties of surgery and reduce their dependence on long-term use of prescription pain medications and their accompanying side effects. We work one-on-one with patients to ensure that their recovery is full and lasting. We combine education and exercises to prevent injuries from recurring.


We take a team approach to therapy and you will find that everyone here will work hard to help you recover.

When you step through our door you will experience the compassion, positive attitude, and hands-on approach we bring to our job everyday. We’re enthusiastic, motivated and positive with every patient who steps into our facility. You’ll find that we are committed to your health and wellbeing and will be there every step of the way along your path to recovery.

Ease of Scheduling

We have early and late hours and will do our very best to accommodate your schedule.

Since our opening in 2000, Emery has grown from physician referrals to patients referring friends and family members. That’s important to us because it means we’re providing the kind of expert, effective, hands-on care that people trust.  When you’re in pain, you want to achieve maximum results with treatment as soon and as conveniently as possible. We work hard to ensure you can see a physical therapist within 24 hours of your first call at our Mt. Prospect/Des Plaines center.

Get Started Today

The hardest part is getting started.  We will be side-by-side the rest of the way to see you thru your recovery. 

You have the right to choose your Physical Therapy Provider. Choose the best.

To schedule an appointment, or for a free consultation, please contact us at 847-786-2014.

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