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Direct Access to Physical Therapy in Illinois. In the State of Illinois, you have direct access to physical therapy services without a referral or a prescription.  There are many reasons to see a physical therapist first for your musculoskeletal injury.  Physical therapists are highly trained in evaluating orthopedic injuries and providing direct treatment in the vast majority of cases. Unless there is a fracture that is suspected or surgery is needed, it is unlikely that you woul...
Posted on 2021-03-23
In times like these, everyone is understandably concerned with what they can do to improve their immune system. Let’s face it, we take it for granted how well our immune system generally works.  Every second of every day, our body is aggressively fighting all kinds of microorganisms like bacteria and viruses that are invading thru any opening available. But it’s not perfect and there will be times that it will fail.  Then the germ gets thru our defenses and proceeds to ...
Posted on 2021-03-22
10 Things You Might Not Know Physical Therapists Can Treat.   When many people hear “physical therapy” they might only associate PTs as treating things such as back pain, knee sprains, post-surgical rehab, etc. In reality we can treat everything from head to toe. Read on for some of the conditions that might bother you on a daily basis that your therapist at Emery Physical Therapy can help alleviate and services we provide you might not have realized. 1.  Jaw Pain ...
Posted on 2021-03-02
Say No to Pain Killers, Say Yes to Physical Therapy We are all too familiar with pain; it is truly one of the unfavorable guarantees that we have in life. Whether it be emotional or physical pain, we learn at a young age that pain is a reality that we all must face. In fact, there is a direct link between our physical pain and emotional wellness. Often times, emotional stressors are manifested in our physical ailments. Just as often, we find ourselves with physical impairments that can tr...
Posted on 2021-02-25
THE SINGLE BEST EXERCISE YOU CAN DO. Every once in a while I get this question "What is the single best exercise I can do?  It's not a simple question so I always answer it in two parts. . Squat Thrust Pull-Up The first part of the answer is that the single best exercise should incorporate the most work on the most muscles (including the heart) in the shortest amount of time, and should be easy to do with minimal equipment. If you consider those parameters, then there is no bett...
Posted on 2020-03-20
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