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How We Treat It - Full List

Therapeutic Exercise

At Emery Physical Therapy, your therapist will take you through a variety of therapeutic exercises specifically for you. We take pride in our treatments and do not treat with a “cookbook” approach where all patients get the same exercises. We tailor your program for you and your goals ... Learn More

Manual Physical Therapy

If you are experiencing increased pain and stiffening in any of your joints and muscles, manual therapy is often helpful. Patients seek out this type of physical therapy for a variety of mobility issues.  For example, you may be finding....Learn More


Joint Mobilization

Joint mobilization is an example of a hands-on treatment and is a form of passive movement technique for musculoskeletal conditions.  This technique, which is considered manual therapy, is usually performed by...Learn More

Spinal Manipulation

Spinal Manipulation, also known as ‘High-Velocity Low-Amplitude Thrust’ or ‘Spinal Manipulative Therapy’, is an ancient art and science tracing its origins to the earliest of medical practitioners. Practiced principally by physical therapists, it is also...Learn More

Myofascial Release

Why haven’t I heard of “trigger points” before?  In all likelihood, you have heard the phenomenon of trigger points described, but often under the catchall phrase “knotted muscles.” What knotted muscles actually describe are...Learn More


Dry Needling Treatment

Dry Needling is a medical technique performed by a skilled physical therapist to immediately reduce pain, muscle tension and improve mobility. It is used in a variety of musculoskeletal problems including,...Learn More

Core Stabilization

Core stabilization techniques are utilized to work the abdominal muscles and other postural muscles to help create and maintain an ideal alignment. Our therapists teach patients to improve core strength...Learn More


A modality is a type of electrical, thermal or mechanical energy that causes physiological changes.  It is used to relieve pain, improve circulation, decrease swelling, reduce muscle spasm, and deliver medication in conjunction with other procedures. Typical types of modalities include ...Learn More


Vestibular Therapy

Whether you experience them independently or at the same time, dizziness and vertigo both stem from similar issues involving your inner ear and your vision tracking systems. Dizziness stems from a “disconnect” between these systems and ...Learn More

Balance Training

Improving your balance and coordination are interrelated challenges. Physical therapy helps you master these skills to decrease your risk of injury, while at the same time increasing your confidence and independence.  Even if you don’t think you’re in danger of falling over..Learn More


Gait Training

Gait training is learning how to walk again after injury or with a disability. Many lower extremity injuries affect a patient’s ability to walk normally. A physical therapist can retrain you how to walk normally again following...Learn More

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning program was developed as the final stage in the rehabilitation process. The Work Conditioning program is a coordinated follow-up to acute and chronic rehabilitation programs. Our Work Conditioning program provides...Learn More

Disc Decompression

Spinal Disc Decompression is a nonsurgical, noninvasive, drug-free treatment method for disc-related syndromes of the lumbar and cervical spine.  Spinal Decompression is a type of mechanical therapy applied to the spine in order to...Learn More


Strength & Conditioning

The goal of our Strength and Conditioning program is to work with people of all ages and all walks of life.  We have worked with those who have never exercised before, as well as grade school, high school, collegiate...Learn More


Massage services that include many massage techniques that are designed to relieve pain and stress while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries. Many people benefit from massage therapy, whether they are in search of help in injury recovery and rehabilitation, dealing with everyday stress or just want to maintain their own health....Learn More


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