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Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning program was developed as the final stage in the rehabilitation process. The Work Conditioning program is a coordinated follow-up to acute and chronic rehabilitation programs. Our Work Conditioning program provides the stabilizing, strengthening, and conditioning necessary for work simulation and return-to-work.


Criteria for Work Conditioning:

  • Patients will be considered eligible for the Work Conditioning when all acute and chronic rehabilitation goals have been achieved and the patient has a pain-free, restriction-free range of motion.
  • All possible progress has been made in the acute and chronic rehabilitation phase, yet residual pain and dysfunction exist for which the physician requires more treatment.
  • Patients have strong return-to-work goals and demonstrate a willingness to participate.

Benefits of the Work Conditioning Program:

  • Aggressive, one-on-one conditioning program
  • Documented physical demands critical to the patient’s pre-injury job
  • Patient progress assessed and forwarded every two (2) weeks
  • Realistic and functional return-to-work goals that address the patient’s specific needs

Patients of variable diagnoses can be effectively treated through the Work Conditioning program. Diagnoses include but are not limited to: low back pain, fractures, strains, sprains, post-surgical and other conditions resulting in a loss of at least 6 weeks of work.

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