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Do you know the secret to picking the right physical therapy center?

I should go to the first place I can find.


You may want to first double check with your health insurance.  If you have a PPO, you can more than likely go anywhere but you can get preferred rates if you go within the network of contracted physical therapy facilities. You can also ask your physician for a specific recommendation.  However, if your doctor refers you to a large chain without naming a specific therapist, it could be an indication that the doctor does not have a close relationship with any particular person in the practice. You could get stuck with a therapist that doesn’t specialize in your particular condition or someone with minimal experience.  Sometimes they may refer you to their own physical therapy center where they have their own financial incentive. There isn’t anything specifically wrong with this, but you need to make sure they are referring you to who they think would be the best for your particular condition and where it would be the most convenient location for you.

I should check reviews online.


You can find first-hand reviews of other patients from social media review pages such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and Facebook.  Friends and family referrals and recommendations are always a good start to narrowing down your search for a therapist. Friends and family are able to give you first hand information about their experience with the facility and the care that they received while being treated.  Visiting a facility’s website may provide you with the pertinent information you need.  This includes the company’s contact information, insurance, testimonials, and services provided. Some websites may also provide patient specific information such as health tips, therapy descriptions, and printable forms.

I should see how far it is from my home.


Take time to consider how you will be getting to physical therapy.  Your time is valuable and the distance you may have to travel will also narrow down which physical therapy office may work best for you. Find a place that is convenient for you.  You also may need to check if they have early and late times to fit your work schedule. Sometimes you may have to drive a little further to see a provider that has more experience and can offer more treatment options; this could mean a faster recovery in the long run.

I should see if the place has fancy equipment.


Many places buy lots of equipment to fill their space. The truth is that you can get access to all the fancy equipment you want 24 hours a day at many local gyms for anywhere between $10-$20 a month with no contract.  The real secret to picking a physical therapist is not the facility or the equipment but the therapist.  What you should check is if you will get personal attention at each and every visit so the provider can evaluate you properly and is able to offer a variety of treatment options to get better quicker.  You want to find out if you will see the same therapist so you are not starting over with someone new every week.  The individual therapist is the most important part of your recovery.

I should inquire if I can get hands-on, individualized manual therapy care.


This is why you should be seeing a physical therapist in the first place.  Most places have one therapist treating 3-4 patients at a time and will have very minimal time to put their hands on a patient to diagnose the problem correctly.  You will maximize your recovery if you work with a physical therpaist that takes the time to listen to you at each visit and then is able to take any information you provide and then is able to  combine a properly calibrated exercise program with experienced hands-on manual therapy care.  Check to see where they went to school, want kind of board certifications and credentials they have, and what kind of experience they have to make sure they can properly treat your condition.

I should go to the biggest facility possible.


Sometimes, it is easy to get lost in the crowd.  Bigger isn't always better. With physical therapy, it ultimately comes down to the specific treating therapist that you work with and the amount of time you will have for one-on-one care at each visit.  They should have the experience to treat a variety of complicated conditions and have various treatment techniques such as manual care, myofascial release, spinal manipulation, dry needling, and joint mobilization just to name a few. That is why it may be a good idea to meet or call the physical therapist prior to your appoinment to learn more about what ther therapist can offer.  The State of Illinois allows patients to see a physical therapist without a referral. It is a good idea to visit the office or call to get an understanding for how the front desk operates and to see if you can ultimately be comfortable at this facility with the therapist and the staff. Trying to recover from an injury may take a heavy toll on you in more than one aspect so being comfortable with the environment is crucial for recovery. The therapist will not only be your medical professional, but your motivator and your guide.

For this reason, Emery Physical Therapy has carefully chosen a staff that’s not only knowledgeable, but also positive and conscientious. Most importantly, we know how to listen. You as the patient understand what motivates you and what will work well for you. This is the reason why Emery Physical Therapy takes the time to carefully listen to the needs of the patient, answer any questions that they may have and explain to them the process of recovery which is tailored to each patient. 

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