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Find Back pain Relief

Physical Therapy for Back Pain 

The relief and rehabilitation of patients suffering from back pain is a continual focus of our team of professionals at Emery Physical Therapy in Mt. Prospect. More than 85 percent of Americans under the age of 50 seek help for acute or chronic back pain at least once and we are ready to effectively handle the situation when it arises.

Patients are treated with a combination of hands-on therapies which are combined with science-based modalities.

Those seeking assistance most commonly are experiencing an aching or stiffness in their back impacting any area along their spine from the base of their neck to their tailbone.

Some a feel a sharp, localized pain in the upper or lower back, which manifests itself as an acute pain. Such injuries are often the result of lifting an object too heavy for their body strength, or lifting an object improperly, causing unnecessary strain on their back.

Sometimes the patients are suffering from chronic pain, a nagging ache in the middle or lower back area that worsens when they must sit or stand for a long period of time.

Still others find their quality of life impacted by severe back pain that extends from their lower back, through the buttocks and down the back of the thigh. Sometimes it even moves into the calf of the leg and the toes of the feet.

We treat patients with all these variations of back pain, as well as those who are utterly debilitated with it. Some of them arrive at our clinic unable to straighten their bodies at all without undergoing excruciating spasms of pain.

At our physical therapy clinic specializing in back pain in Mt. Prospect, we start our interaction with each patient with a thorough assessment to ensure that we are not just treating their symptoms of pain, but are getting to the root cause of it.

We then focus on relieving the pain and inflammation and chart a customized course of physical therapy to solve the immediate issue, and then focus on preventing the problem from recurring.

Physical therapy is highly effective in relieving back pain and restoring normal function and movement.

At Emery Physical Therapy, specializing in back pain in Mt. Prospect, we augment manual therapy and heat and ice with electrical stimulation, ultrasound and other evidence-based therapies.

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