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Post Offer Employment Tests

Post-Offer Employment Testing

Emery Physical Therapy performs Post-Offer Testing to evaluate candidates for hire on their ability to safely perform the physical demands associated with the essential functions of the job offered to them.  Post-Offer Testing is an effective tool for reducing workers’ compensations costs by selecting workers who are physically qualified for the job duties.   Those who use post-offer employment testing, or POET, achieve an average 47% fewer workers’ comp injuries and three times higher retention than those who don’t use POET. (Anderson)

The least costly injury is the one that never occurs. Post-Offer Pre-Hire Employment Testing Exams or  Post Offer Screen focuses on determining whether an individual is physically capable of performing a specific job to proactively minimize the risk of injury. These tests have also been called Physical Abilities Tests, Pre-Placement Tests, Pre-Work Screens, Fitness for Duty Tests, Physical Demands Tests and Worker Selection Tests.

The purpose of a POET is to determine if the candidate you want to hire can safely perform the physical demands and essential functions of the job. This is not the same as a pre-employment physical, which is a medical examination. Medical exams determine overall fitness, but are not specific to the tasks of the job for which a candidate is being considered.

  • Why use a Post-Offer Employment Test when hiring?

    • To hire healthy and productive workers
    • Decreased turnover because the "right" employees are hired
    • New hires understand in advance the physical demands of their jobs
    • To ensure workers are placed in jobs they are capable of performing
    • To prevent and reduce injuries and associated costs
    • Baseline information obtained to identify pre-existing conditions prior to employment
    • To comply with all federal legislation

The goal of employment testing has always been to hire individuals physically capable of performing the essential job functions; however, in the past, some employment decisions have been based on stereotypes and medical conditions - stereotypes including age, gender and "healthy" appearance among others. Medical conditions including spine arthritis or degeneration identified on X-ray, high blood pressure and disability or disease are not good indicators of the candidate's ability to perform the physical tasks of the job. To properly assess this ability, the use of tests that measure an individual's physical abilities must be valid, job related and consistent with business necessity.

  • Why use Emery Physical Therapy?

    • We are expert providers of POET services
    • We customize the POET program
    • Single point of contact to schedule test and communicates results within two business hours of test completion
    • Average time to schedule test is within 24 hours, which means no delay in your hiring process
    • We pick up therapy after an injury to ensure rehab is according to baseline and performed in most cost-efficient manner

Our team of dedicated professionals can help you with creating the proper test for your needs as well as providing any needed professional documentation.

Call us today at 847-786-2014 to learn more about how we can help you design an implent a proper Post Offer Employment Test.

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