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Work and Industrial Injuries


Helping individuals with work injuries is one of our specialties. People who have been injured on the job have a unique set of circumstances. They need to overcome injury and return to normal work and home life as soon and as safely as possible; often the well-being of the patient’s family depends on that. At Emery Physical Therapy we understand what is involved because we have extensive expereince with treating worker’s compensation injuries.

Being injured at work can cause significant stress, pain and aggravation affecting your ability to effectively work and provide adequate income for your needs. Our number one priority is to ensure your pain is relieved fast and you can safely return to work as soon as possible. We emphasize the following when it comes to your recovery after a worker’s compensation injury:

  • Relieve pain quickly

  • Restore normal range of motion

  • Restore strength, flexibility and stamina

  • Ensure a complete recovery after surgical procedures

  • Education on how to manage your injury and prevent future occurrences


Professional athletes must stay in top shape. When they’re injured, their goal is always to return to work—or get back in the game—right away. At Emery Physical Therapy, we think employees are just as important to their organizations as top athletes are to the game, and we treat them that way. To care for these “industrial athletes,” we provide the same level of prevention, assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation that are found in professional sports facilities or elite fitness clubs.

Our therapists don’t just help employees physically recover from work injuries. We help reduce the psychological and social impacts of work injury, too. After getting hurt on the job, many people develop an unconscious fear of movement or activities that can prolong their injuries. Our treatment model empowers patients to take ownership of their recovery and focus on returning to work—and life—faster, rather than on their pain.


Your physical therapist will develop, with your input, a treatment plan that is custom designed for your condition and circumstances. Goals are set up; you and your physical therapist work together to accomplish these goals. Often our physical therapists will include specific exercises and training similar to activities you perform at your job so you will be better prepared for a safe return to work. If necessary we will work with your Doctor and employer to make sure our combined goals are met and you can return to work as soon, and as safely as, possible.

We assess the worker’s current functional abilities and gather information regarding his/ her job requirements. Treatment is both evaluative and restorative. Therapy will utilize a combination of manual therapy techniques, therapeutic exercises, body mechanics training, modalities, and patient education/ home programming.

Talk to your employer or case manager today to discover how we can help you recover quickly from your injury and get back to work safely.


This is similar to work hardening but usually comes before. Work Conditioning is performed within the course of post injury therapy and contains a certain work task being performed as a part of the routine therapy treatment. 


These employment offer screen evaluations are designed with input from the employer to determine if a candidate for employment is physically able to perform the requirements of the job. This information allows the employer to place candidates in the most physically appropriate job while minimizing the potential for injury for the employee.


We offer a variety of comprehensive programs for injured workers to help them recover quickly and safely. Once a worker has been injured, it is our goal to restore him/her to optimal function for safe and efficient job performance in a timely manner. We provide effective case management, detailed and timely reports, and positive communication between health care providers, workers, and case managers for the worker’s compensation case to expedite the safe return to work following worker’s compensation injuries.

Want to learn more about Emery Physical Therapy's active treatment model? Not sure what you need for your workforce? Here’s just a few of the things we provide at Emery Physical Therapy:

  • Injury care
  • Injury prevention
  • Occupational therapy
  • Pre-placement exams
  • Employee education
  • Ergonomics
  • Training

Contact one of our experts today to learn more about what we provide and how we can help maximize your workforce productivity. 

Scheduling an appointment is easy, convenient and flexible. We’ll schedule you fast, sometimes the same or next day, but always within 24 to 48 hours of requesting your first appointment.

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