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Unlocking Direct Access to Physical Therapy in Illinois: Your Path to Speedy Recovery

In the heart of Illinois, a groundbreaking opportunity awaits you: direct access to physical therapy services, no referrals or prescriptions needed. This revolutionary approach offers myriad benefits, making physical therapy your first stop for musculoskeletal injuries.

Why Choose Physical Therapy First?

Physical therapists are expertly equipped to evaluate and treat orthopedic injuries, eliminating the need for immediate X-rays or MRIs in most cases. The Illinois law, effective since August 16, 2018, empowers physical therapists to assess patients and devise treatment plans swiftly, expediting the journey to relief and healing. This legislation ensures prompt access to physical therapy services, cutting down opioid use and reducing costs for patients and society.

Governor Bruce Rauner's Endorsement

Governor Bruce Rauner emphasizes the effectiveness of physical therapy in mitigating joint pain and mobility issues. Direct access to physical therapy not only curtails the reliance on potentially addictive pain medications but also slashes healthcare costs significantly. It's a win-win scenario for all.

Evidence Speaks Louder

Studies corroborate the benefits of direct access to physical therapy. A BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina study revealed a remarkable 31% reduction in total healthcare costs, an 80% decrease in patient out-of-pocket expenses, and a staggering 90% reduction in opioid usage. Similarly, a Health Services Research study highlighted a 27% decrease in patient visits and lower overall costs with direct physical therapy intervention.

Why Physical Therapy?

The cost-effectiveness of physical therapy is unparalleled. It not only aligns with most insurance plans but also minimizes medical expenses by obviating the need for unnecessary medications, imaging scans, or surgeries. Here's a snapshot of how physical therapy stacks up against conventional interventions:

  • Opting for physical therapy first can slash the total cost of care by a whopping 50%.
  • Waiting to see a physician, followed by referrals and prescriptions, leads to prolonged treatment delays and increased expenses.
  • Immediate physical therapy intervention within 14 days of symptom onset can halve the average total cost of care.
  • Low back pain patients adhering to an early physical therapy regimen save up to $3,000 annually on healthcare costs compared to those who delay treatment.

Embrace Direct Access at Emery Physical Therapy

Say goodbye to long waits and unnecessary expenses. Contact Emery Physical Therapy in Mt. Prospect, IL, and Oakbrook Terrace, IL, today to explore the benefits of direct access to physical therapy. Our seasoned professionals offer effective treatment for a range of conditions. Call us at 847-786-2014 or schedule an appointment online to kickstart your journey to recovery.