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Physical Therapy Appointment

You might think of a couple of questions which you forgot to ask your doctor just before you phone your nearest Physical Therapy office to schedule an appointment. Have no fear! The staff at Emery Physical Therapy are available to help.  Read below to discover answers to some of the most frequent questions.

What Can I Wear?

The best thing to wear would be articles of clothing that are loose and comfortable. This allows your therapist to properly appraise and to examine the area that is injured. The therapist might need to analyze your skin, joints as well and examine your muscles to evaluate any bruising or incisions present, strength, and your range of motion. This along with comfortable shoes would be ideal for the duration of your treatment.

Asking your therapist what she or he expects from you opens the door of what your treatment strategy will entail. Your physical therapist may assign a home exercise program, which are exercises that should be performed in addition to your appointment in the office. When putting a home exercise program, your therapist provides guidelines how frequently these exercises must be performed.

Performing your exercise program as advised is an essential component to achieving your goals. Discuss this with your physical therapist if you are having trouble finishing or executing your program and then you can develop a plan together that will assist you to feel better again.

What If I Have Not Exercised Before?

If you are just unsure of the exercises that was prescribed or do not used to exercising,  you might feel reluctant about your treatment strategy.  You should ask questions and express your concerns to your therapist for further assistance.  Emery Physical Therapy’s goal is to allow you to get in a exercise routine that is timely and effective. Our physical therapists work hard to develop a treatment plan which is personalized for you. Although you may run into one or two exercises which will be challenging during the length of your treatment, your therapist will be there to help. The right program for you can only happen if you and your therapist openly communicate collectively.

How Often Do I Need To Do Physical Therapy?

Your physical therapist will work with you establish a Plan of Care which will detail how many times a week and for how many weeks you will need therapy.  Some of this will be dictated by your injury, if you have had surgery, your doctor’s recommendation, and your goals in therapy

Just How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

The price of physical therapy can vary depending on the personal treatment plan developed by your physical therapist. By calling your insurance carrier, a customer representative can assist you in explaining you physical therapy benefits. Physical therapy benefits may vary from patient to patient, and also be sure to ask if the provider you've picked is in-network. At Emery Physical Therapy, we can help you with this process. The Office Coordinator can work with you in understanding your benefits.

Any other questions? Inquire Away!

Physical therapy is a dedication, that will help you get better. Questions will arise during treatment as well, even though you may have come prepared with questions on your first appointment. In the end, we are here for you to help you recover. So ask away!

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