How to prevent ACL Injuries

If you watch the Chicago Bulls (or any team, for that matter) you know that an injury to the ACL may be crushing and season-finishing. With basketball and volleyball picking up this time of year, I want to offer these ACL injury prevention ideas to keep your knees in tip-top shape.

  1. Learn proper body mechanics and address strength deficits. In particular, focusing on strengthening your hamstring and core muscles is very important.

  2. When landing (especially females), you need to should focus on flexing the knees versus landing on them straight.

  3. Injuries often occur when players quickly change direction and plant their foot.  Think ahead how abruptly you change directions and don’t extend the leg too far.

  4. Engage in plyometric/jump training to improve your balance, agility, and strength. It is important to master proper technique.

It is very important for coaches, parents and athletes to know about ACL injuries. Keeping these tips in mind can help. In fact, the majority of ACL injuries can be avoided.

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