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Do you know the Number #1 Reason that certain aches and pains just don't seem to go away? Actually there are 5 good reasons but #1 is the biggest that we have found over the last 20 years in our practice:

5) Ignoring The Pain Or Injury

Most of us are used to some aches and pain with everyday activities. But sometimes we don't realize that we have overdone it more than usual. Ignoring the pain can sometimes allow it get worse or even heal improperly which leads to easier re-injury later.

4) Incorrect Diagnosis

When you do get it checked out, sometimes a thorough exam is not properly done which can lead to a poor or misdiagnosis. There are many cases when someone with low back pain goes into to see their provider and come out with a diagnosis of "low back pain." That doesn't really help isolate the 100s of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, discs, nerves in the lumbopelvic region that could be injured and needs the focus of treatment.

3) Wrong Treatment

Even with the right diagnosis, the wrong treatment plan will undoubtedly lead to poor recovery. Medications alone, or massage alone, or heat/ice alone may not be enough to heal a more serious injury. A combination of the right treatment plan needs to be matched with the proper diagnosis.

2) Poor Follow-Thru

Once treatment begins, it is now more important that ever to follow-thru with your treatment plan, home exercises, and activity modification. Not adhering to just one of these will jeopardize optimal recovery.

1) Not Addressing The Root Cause

And now for #1 : You can do everything right, but if you don't address the root cause, you are bound to be dealing with a chronic injury that will come and go, usually worsening over time. It could a tight hip flexor muscle that is causing your low back pain or a weak core muscle that is causing hip pain. Or it could be a certain posture at the office or a repetitive activity at work that over time has caused your problem and prevents it from staying better.

It may seem very complicated and frustrating, but we can help.

At Emery Physical Therapy we help patients by addressing all 5 of the reasons above in a systematic way to not just identify the problem accurately and aid in the recovery, but to also keep it better for the long term. We have helped over 5000+ patients over the last 20 years. When you get a chance, check out our reviews to see what they have said.  Give us a call today at 847-786-2014.