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Physical Therapy for Pain Treatment

You know that getting up and moving around might be the last thing you feel like doing if you have a severe pain condition or a chronic pain syndrome. Yet, physical therapy treatment can play a role in decreasing your pain symptoms and at the same time, allow your body to become much more flexible and more functional.

In addition to strengthening, stretching, and conditioning your body, physical therapists can treatments like soft-tissue mobilization, ultrasound, heat and ice packs, and electric stimulation to relieve pain symptoms. At Emery Physical Therapy, we’ll work with your physician to develop  pain treatment plan that works for you.

How Physical Therapy Helps Pain

You might even be scared that beginning an exercise plan or physical therapy may be too hard or may make your pain symptoms worse. In reality, recent research and evidence demonstrates that any action can potentially promote faster recovery. This is particularly true with a customized physical therapy treatment strategy for pain which reduces pain, and allows you to return to your baseline function. This is especially significant for patients who struggle with chronic pain. In a large proportion of the cases, patients recover at a good number  of their abilities to take part in their activities of day-to-day living and hobbies and can again can take delight in being active. They can finally begin to start the process of taking charge of their lives. As you get better and more active, you get stronger and much more confident about your abilities as well as the fact that you can have some control over the way you handle your pain symptoms.

Your physical therapy plan may contain strength training, flexibility exercises, pain relief techniques, and low-impact cardiovascular conditioning. Nonetheless, a specialized physical therapy program is more than just exercise. You will find a list of treatment choices below that are typical of a physical therapy session:

Patient Education

The Physical therapists in Mt. Prospect, IL will go over the details of your condition. They're going to also give you techniques, including advice on improving your posture and alignment, and integrating safe movements back in your life, and strategies to pace yourself as you get active.

Manual therapy

Along with exercise, our physical therapists might use soft tissue mobilization and gentle manipulation to gradually improve your joint mobility and decreased pain..

Hot and cold treatments

Hot wraps and therapeutic ultrasound can produce heat to deep tissues to help improve circulation and relieve soreness. Cold therapies like ice baths and ice packs can reduce swelling and extreme pain while soothing sore spots.

Electrical stimulation

Interferential electrical stimulation (IFC) and Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units deliver a steady, safe,, gentle flow of electric current to help your nervous system become less sensitive to pain signals.

Motor imagery

The mind can eventually become a strong ally in assisting you to regain motor control and manage your pain. Motor imagery can help you visualize and picture movements prior to making the movement.

Sensory re-education

In response to the cumulative damage that is caused by your chronic pain, your nervous system become hypersensitive and may have gone into overdrive. To make it less sensitive to pain signals, your physical therapist will go over strategies to retrain your nervous system so that it doesn’t exacerbate your symptoms.

Physical Therapy and Pain Treatment

At the Emery Physical Therapy in Mount Prospect, IL, we treat the whole patient, and we look at pain treatment from multiple angles. We'll work with your pain management specialist or your physician and will work with you restore your function

One of the important drivers of managing your pain will be to learn key self-management techniques. We will partner with to develop a self management plan which allows you to regain more power over your pain. Together, you ’ll identify which actions cause an increase in pain, and will discover techniques that will help you love your daily life without fear of pain. You’ll also become more aware of hidden pain causes which are not consistently correlated to your initial injury such as anxiety and relationship issues.

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